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Baby Movin’ On Up…

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment
moving boxes

Packing - one my least favorite things!

This week is going to be extremely stressful. There is so much going on, that I’m already for it to be over and it’s only Monday. Have you ever had one of those weeks?! It wouldn’t be so bad if all of these things were happening on different weeks, but unfortunately they are all happening at the same time. I can already feel my head starting to throb.

Item #1 – I am moving this week. It’s literally only two minutes from where I live now, but I’m still moving. I absolutely detest packing. Some of my things will be going in storage, some things will be going with me to the new place, and other things will be trashed or given to Goodwill. My youngest brother and I were renting a house together and now I will be living with two guys I know from church. I’m looking forward to it, but the transition of getting there is very stressful right now. In the long run this will also help me save money.

Item #2 – The reason I am moving. My youngest brother (he is eight years younger than I am) is getting married on Friday of this week. It will be a very small family only ceremony in Tennessee. I am the oldest of three boys. My middle brother (he is three years younger than I am) is married with four kids. My youngest brother will be getting married this week. And then there is me…the oldest, not married, and not even dating anyone. I am excited for my brother, but I still kind of feel like the “odd man out.” I would like to get married one day, but there are no signs showing that it’s going to happen any time soon and that can be depressing at times.

Item #3 – I am job hunting. I lost my job toward the end of June and the current status of the economy and job market is horrible. I am collecting unemployment, but that only helps so much. Unfortunately things in life cost money – food, gas for your vehicle, insurance for your vehicle…well, you get the idea. I am ready to find the right job for me (one I enjoy doing and one where I get up every morning excited about what I do for a living) and get a more stable way of life.

If I don’t post for a few days, I’m probably buried underneath boxes of stuff from the move – so you’ll know where to find me. Just say a little prayer for my sanity during the move! (c:

Back to packing!

Photo Credit: By Ben Hoyt


Who Am I Again?!


How do you determine your true identity?

The other night I had a strange dream. In my dream, I was in the hospital with severe amnesia. There were people everywhere in my hospital room and I would ask each of them the same question. “Who am I?!” The first person responded with “You are an older brother – you have two younger brothers.” The next person responded, “You are an uncle – you have two nieces and two nephews.” One of the last people I asked told me, “You are a blogger – you write a blog.” I was really frustrated because no one really answered my question.

This dream was very telling, because I am going through a “loss of identity” period of sorts in my life right now. Men tend to find their identity in their job. When you first meet someone, they typically ask what you do for a living. It’s been a rough time because in this sense, I don’t really feel like I know who I am any more. When you go through a period like this in your life, you tend to start comparing yourself to others in a negative light – “Why can’t I look more like <insert person’s name here>?!”  or “Why can’t I be more successful like <insert person’s name here>?!” This can be a dangerous path as we are unique individuals and no one else should be seen as our measuring stick as to who we should be or what we should do.

Have you ever gone through a period like this? What did you do to get out of it?

Photo credit: By SMJJP

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