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Being Genuinely Genuine

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How genuine are you?

Three simple words that form one common question – “How are you?” We’ve all asked it of someone and have probably had it asked of us. At least twice this week I have had someone ask me this question. Before I could get a response out of my mouth, both individuals had already left. I’m not going to lie, this bothered me. Society has taught us that it is polite to ask this question, but how would Mrs. Manners or Dear Abby want us to respond to the answer?

I found myself pondering this exact question the other day. I asked a friend how they were doing only to hear a diatribe of a response on how their life was currently falling apart at the seams. Where do you draw the line of politely listening and writing the person off as being over dramatic? I started asking myself a question – have I ever been the one who felt like their life was in shambles? Have I ever voiced this to others when they asked how I was doing?

One thing I strive for in all my relationships is to be genuine. I want others to know they can honestly count on me in their time of need. The problem with trying to be “everything to everyone” is you tend to have the life drained out of you. Is it possible to be genuine without losing yourself?

Do you really listen to someone’s response when you ask them how they are doing?

Photo Credit: By Aidan Jones


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