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Grimm – Fairy Tales Meet Crime Drama

David Giuntoli plays Nick Burchkardt on the new NBC show Grimm

When it comes to television shows, I usually have two or three favorites and the rest are usually filler or background noise. Since my absolute favorite show Smallville is no longer in production, there has been kind of a television void for me. I am kind of  leery about trying to get into new shows because the minute I get hooked they get cancelled (ex. Pushing Daisies and Dollhouse). I had heard about this new NBC show called Grimm and knew it had something to do with fairy tales but that’s about all I knew.

Right now if you follow Grimm on Twitter, you get the privilege of watching the premiere before everyone else. NBC will air the episode on Friday, October 28 at 9:00 PM EST. This is definitely not a family or kid’s show. Just imagine a crime drama (like CSI) mixed with fairy tales – this is what you get with Grimm. I don’t normally like a show after the first watch, but this one had me hooked.

David Giuntoli plays Nick Burckhardt, one of the remaining “Grimms.” Burckhardt is a cop who discovers that he is able to see people for who they really are – a wolf, witch, etc. The thing is he can’t tell his partner Hank (Russell Hornsby) or anyone else he has this ability. Not to spoil anything, but the first episode deals with the story of red riding hood. After watching the early preview of the first episode, I can honestly say I’m ready for more. Check out a preview of the series below and let me know what you think.

Photo Credit: By IMDB

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