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Dekker Reveals Paradise Via Showdown


Dekker starts Paradise Trilogy with Showdown

A new author hits the market just about every day. In October 2000, Ted Dekker released his first book, Heaven’s Wager and the literary world has never been the same since. Dekker’s books combine themes of spirituality with the supernatural. I have read several of his books over the years (including Chosen). I recently decided to read Showdown (the first book in his Paradise Trilogy) and I couldn’t put the book down no matter how hard I tried.

The book takes place over seven days and starts off as two separate stories that merge into one. It first opens with the story of a town called Paradise, Colorado. Paradise is your typical old western town, but then a stranger (Marsuvees Black) comes to town proclaiming that God has called him to bring grace and hope to the town. Black starts doing things that lead the residence to believe otherwise. The second story tells of a secret monastery of sorts, where thirty-seven orphans have been sequestered from the rest of the world as an experiment. Project “Showdown” was created to take these students and teach them right from wrong via Biblical principles, later they will be released back into the “real” world to see how they survive. One of the main means of teaching the children is via writing and there are four rules they must obey when they write: 1)Write to discover. 2) There is no greater discovery than love. 3) All love comes from the Creator. 4) Write what you will.

One student (Billy) decides to buck the rules and explore the monastery where he finds a dungeon filled with mysterious books. Billy and several of his fellow classmates decide to use these blank books to write a story about a town called Paradise. Unbeknownst to these children the blank books are the “books of history” and anything they write in them actually happens in the town of Paradise, Colorado. Their actions cause destruction and chaos in a city that has no idea that Black is a part of this plan. Dekker’s novel deals with the concept of free will and how outside forces cannot force one to do things, but merely place suggestions in the subconscious. Several twists and turns make Showdown a very enjoyable read that will keep you up all night reading from cover to cover.

I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read the final two books in the Paradise Trilogy (Saint and Sinner).

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