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Clearing The Clutter

No clutter

Time to clear the clutter!

I know it’s sad, but I moved in March and I’m JUST starting to go through and unpack things right now, two months later in the month of May. Clearing the clutter can be a painful process – sorting through things that may have emotional attachment, accepting that a certain part of your life has passed, or realizing you can’t go back to the way things used to be during a certain part of your life. This week I have gone through old clothes, cds, and books – most of the excess will end up at Goodwill or used music or book stores. Whether you hate or love it, the process is a necessary evil (otherwise you’ll see me on a future episode of Hoarders).

Those who know me well will attest to the fact that I am definitely my father’s son when it comes to being a pack rat. I will find an excuse to keep anything and everything. Well, I finally parted ways with a Mickey Mouse phone that I’ve had for at least ten years and never used once. A three cd disc changer stereo (with only two of said cd changers working) has now taken up temporary residence at Goodwill. This weekend I will be going through several books and cds, then making a trip Monday to a couple of local shops to see if I can get cash for some of the things I just don’t use any more.

Purging the unnecessary has become quite liberating – I don’t feel tied to my “stuff” any more and have more room to just live. I feel like this has also been a “clearing of the clutter” for me spiritually as well, as I find myself asking what things I need to get rid of in my life that are taking a negative toll on my spiritual life. Regardless, I feel like once I am on the other side of this time in my life I will be able to see things more clearly for a lack of a clutter. I can easily relate to comedian Bone Hampton when he talks about the clutter in his life in the video below (NOTE: go to 4:00 in the video to see the part about cluttter, but the rest of this bit is really funny as well).

Photo Credit: By Sean MacEntee

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